System for Traffic Demand Analysis Ver.3.0

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Overview TOP

JICA System for Traffic Demand Analysis(JICA STRADA) is a package system for transport forecasting which moves on Windows.
In the technical cooperation issue of the transport planning field which the independent administrative agency Japan International Cooperation Agency (the former Japan International Cooperation Agency) carries out, it was developed for the purpose of use in a developing country, and sharing of a database. Analysis (JICA STRADA) project started in 1993, in which then Prof. Hideo Nakamura of Tokyo University as the chief examiner, and people of experience or academic standing, the Ministry og Construction, the Ministry of Transport, and private consultants took a leading part, in order that JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) would use in an aspect of international technical cooperation of the traffic developnment plans. As a result, it aged 1997, and was used by the overseas project of the independent administrative agency Japan International Cooperation Agency, and the sale to the man in the street was also started.
Continual upgrading efforts since now provide you with Vertion 3 of enhanced capability, with newly added features and programs.

In depth TOP

The STRADA consists of 17 programs and you can choose which programs to use in any combination you like.
The thing with the mark of is the program newly added from the Version 3.
To view more details about a program, click on its title.

Trip Matrix Builder
Disaggregate Model
OD Calibrator
Matrix Manipulator
GIS Conveter
Network Editor
Transit Line Editor
Incremental Assignment
User Equilibrium Assignment
Stochastic User Equilibrium Assignment
Transit Assignment
Time of Day User Equilibrium Assignment
Combined Modal Split and Assignment Model
LP Assignment
Highway Reporter
Intersection Analyzer

Price TOP

・280,000 yen (Exc. sales tax)

The price is variously discounted for the users mentioned below.
・Users who already have the prior version.
・Educational institutions, and teaching staff and students thereof.

Order TOP

Please order should transmit by E-mail or FAX after filling in the following necessary information.

・The kind of package

System requirements TOP

・Personal computer with a Pentium 300MHz or faster processor
・Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
・128MB or greater RAM
・10MB or more unused hard disk memory for installing programs
・A monitor with high resolution of VGA or more
・An unused memory on the hard disk as required for swapping area

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